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Black Mountain - Schwarzbier with cherry (5.2%)

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We have reached peak lager season, so we decided to get things rolling with our first lager bier of 2021...but with a typically rad Carnival twist.

We brewed a black lager, adding a small amount of smoked malt into the grist to bring in another dimension of flavour. Once lagered for 5 weeks, we added loads of sour and sweet cherry puree then gently conditioned the bier to ferment out the remaining fruit sugars and enhance the flavours. Black Mountain has the appearance of a porter, but the spritzy carbonation and crisp, refreshing drinkability of a lager. All this is then rounded off with subtle smoked notes and cherry.

Black Mountain isn't really a mountain. The good people of Belfast love it, a place of legends. This isn't really a lager. But we hope you'll try a few cans and you will love it too.



Malted barley, wheat, oats and Gluten.

Storage Instructions

We store Black Mountain in the cellar to keep it cold while in transit, so it gets to you in optimal condition. For best results we recommend you store in the fridge and drink within six months of purchase.

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