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Friend, It's Still You! - Vic Secret and Amarillo IPA (6.6%)

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Friend, It's Still you! is a delicious hazy IPA massively dry hopped with Vic Secret and Amarillo. We haven't seen each other for a while. We have spoken on Zoom, chatted on the doorstep, exchanged presents at Christmas. You're still my friend, despite the distance, we will be together soon.

We brewed with loads of oats and wheat and fermented with our house IPA yeast, dry hopped with Vic Secret and Amarillo for a smooth and heady aroma of pine, orange and passion fruit. No hops were added until fermentation started, so there is just a little bitterness and loads of body.



Malted barley, wheat, oats and Gluten.

Storage Instructions

We store Friend, It's Still You! in the cellar to keep it cold while in transit, so it gets to you in optimal condition. For best results we recommend you store in the fridge and drink within six months of purchase.

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