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Macau Oat Cream Coffee and Pistachio - Pale Ale (5%)


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Macau is one of our earliest and most enjoyed beers. Originally brewed as a white stout (a pale ale with coffee), Macau is brewed using 33.3% rolled oats and melanoidin malt to produce a silky smooth body and light fluffy head.

We added a delicious blend of fruity Guatemalan coffee from our friends at Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters in Liverpool, which gives Macau a subtle roasted flavour. We added coffee at wort making stage and dosed it after fermentation with a freshly brewed batch to add layers of flavour, then added a touch of natural pistachio flavouring to complement the coffee. 

Macau is a very slightly sweet pale with low/to no bitterness, a heady blend of coffee and nuts to create a delicious dessert-like beer at a manageable ABV that can be enjoyed anytime.


Barley, wheat, oats, gluten, coffee

We store Macau in our cold store and deliver cold to ensure maximum freshness. Please store cold.

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