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Tusk Ale 001 - Burridge NEIPA (6.6%)

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Burridge IPA (6.6% abv). The first in a series of beers brewed for TUSK to drink and followers of the label to enjoy. It's a hazy IPA brewed with Carnival's house IPA yeast, then dry hopped with Vic Secret and Amarillo. It's piney, with massive hits of passion fruit and orange pith.The Burridge NEIPA is named after a reference TUSK followers will appreciate.

Talking about Burridge IPA, TUSK says: "Music and booze goes hand-in-hand. I’d know 'cus I’ve been boozing and listening to underground music of one sort of another for over two decades. The historical and cultural origins of the music I focus on releasing can be traced in a non-linear fashion to queer NYC disco scenes, Chicago and Detroit variations of house music, German techno, psychedelica in various guises and 80s electronic pop music. Given those disparate traditions and their various connections to emancipatory politics and liberation movements the choice to cover the can in dicks might seem somewhat at odds. But there’s a time and place for the politics of identity and while some might argue that the personal is always political, I’ll argue that if your politics are usually directed in a considered way at stuff that matters, its OK to draw a bunch of flaccid dicks all over a can of booze.

"Sometimes, music is just for dancing to, booze is just for drinking and drawing dicks is just ‘cus its fun to doodle (and I’m obsessed by drawing the perfect one). So buy the booze, pop on some amazing music and do as it say on the can and “don’t be a dick”. - TUSKY.



Malted barley, wheat, oats and Gluten.

Storage Instructions

We store Burridge in the cellar to keep it cold while in transit, so it gets to you in optimal condition. For best results we recommend you store in the fridge and drink within six months of purchase.

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