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Our Story

We first started Carnival in a kitchen in Liverpool after a fundraising event at the Clearview Carnival, 2017. It is where we met and started the journey of Carnival Brewing Company over a love of music and beer.

Our mission was always to make the best beer, taking contemporary, popular and not-so-popular beer styles and giving them a Carnival twist. We continue to partner with bands, record labels, artists and local food and drink business which share our values.

It's now 2024 and we're making some excellent beer in our city centre brewery, serving up the freshest Carnival beer in our tap room based a stone's throw from the city's delightful waterfront, the Liver Building and Old Hall St.

Collaborations Don’t Work - FFS

Definitely not in our experience. The celebration of sharing and brewing with other breweries have been a key part of our development. From Jack at Love Lane; Lukasz at Fuerst Wiacek; Aron and Cameron at Turning Point; Keenan at Sprawl Kitchen; to Good Liverpool’s Santa’s Belter beer have been massively important in our development. We have been part of world that moves forward together and creates.

We Are Your Friends - Justice Vs Simian

We have had the wonderful fortune to work with the talented artists: Eliza Griffin; Sam Garroch; Robert Parker; Paul Higgins and Sam Wiehl. Other massive highlights have been working with record labels and musicians: Rocket Records and the Bonnacons of Doom (more exciting projects to arrive soon); Dom Thomas’s wonderful Whyte Horses; Robert Parker of the legendary Probe Records; the ever changing and always inspiring Osees and John Dwyer; and our latest collaboration with the wizards of trance and house bangers, Tusk Wax.

Can the Can - Suzi Quatro

So here we are, we've bought our first canning line. Or should I say have got a canning line that we are buying. It raised the opportunity to come up with a membership scheme. This is our way of raising funds to keep the developments alive and share the spoils of the brewery with you Carnivaliers.

Keys to the Castle - Oh Sees

The Carnival of Brazil inspired our membership levels and reward packages. So whether you sign up as a Carnivalier, or a Carnival King or Queen (or in between) we welcome you with open arms and thank you for helping us to grow and celebrate modern beer.

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) - Sly and the Family Stone

Dom and Ade xx