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Sunshine and Flowers - West Coast Pale (5%)

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Sunshine and Flowers is a new experiment at Carnival HQ, which over a number of iterations will demonstrate the evolution of the West Coast Pale beer style.

We've rebrewed and created V2, which is of lighter appearance and fills your glass with more full-on, juicy hop aromas.

We brewed this version with pale malt and a touch of wheat, alongside some melanoidin malt for extra body and a lively fluffy head. The aromas are full of piney bitterness and juicy hop aromas from the Chinook, Centennial and Cascade used on the hot and cold sides of the brewing process.

Appearance is pale straw and clear.  This is a modern take on the West Coast style, and continues our exploration of the style - we hope you can join us on this voyage of flavour.



Malted barley, wheat and Gluten.

Storage Instructions

We store Sunshine and Flowers in the cellar to keep it cold while in transit, so it gets to you in optimal condition. For best results we recommend you store in the fridge and drink within six months of purchase.

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