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Mysterious gravity... we introduce Mystery Point

In the garage brewery we had a sticker from a place called the Mystery Spot - it’s a place near Santa Cruz where everything goes kooky.

Gravity pulls’n’pushes and when Dom said let’s do a big Simcoe Double IPA, the first thing I thought about was gravity and how freaking cool it is.

So here we have it, our latest DIPA. A juicy, thick and super fruity East Coast DIPA, reminiscent of tropical haribos, pine needles and pick & mix.

Mystery Point

The label, designed by me and Bobby P, was inspired by Spacemen 3 meets Scooby Doo (our sources of inspiration are defo from a very specific cultural slant- I can’t wait to do our Columbo inspired beer- One More Thing).

Recurring by Spacemen 3 is a wonder of an LP. One side Sonic Boom, the other side Jason Spacemen. At the time it was the most discombobulating thing but thankfully they did it and released it. It was the shape of things to come.

What can you say about Scooby Doo- my advice- if Scrappy is in it - don’t watch it (harsh, but a rule).

MYSTERY POINT is now available to order on the webstore

Carnival Ade x

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