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Our love of Last Night from Glasgow and American Whip

Last Night from Glasgow is one of the most fascinating UK independent record labels.

Set up by Ian Smith with a mission to create a not-for-profit record label that supports musicians to put out records, LNFG is brilliant and the spirit of the label is embodied by the man himself.

Having recently worked with LNFG to produce an official BMX Bandits “Life Gose On” beer in support of the band’s Life Goes On reissue, another release caught my eye - Joy Zipper’s "American Whip".

American Whip beer
American Whip is an album I've been obsessed with since it originally came out in in 2003 as a CD-only release.

It was an album I would search for on Discogs to see if a vinyl edition was ever released. Then low and behold….hallelujah! You’lll never guess what happened? Past Night From Glasgow (LNFG’s reissue arm) announced that it was releasing American Whip in its full glory.

Fervour arose and a hurried email to Ian led to a quick exchange and … ba da bing, here we have it….Carnival did an official beer for the release of the vinyl edition of the record.

American Whip by the melodic shimmering pop of Joy Zipper. It is available this month and gets a 10/10 from Carnival. Buy your copy now!

This is definitely a record label to love: Buy it now! 

In other LNFG news, Ian has donated some rare vinyl to Carnival. 

This wonderful donation is going to feature at a special event at our Tasting Room soon as we are now raising money for a new PA system to ensure we can keep putting on some of the best music in the city.

Last Night From Glasgow donated record bundle

We will also feature the donated wax as prizes in our soon-to-be-announced pub quiz. There are also plans afoot to have a Last Night From Glasgow record label showcase.

Keep your peepers peeled and keep supporting these great independent labels and artists.

Carnival Ade

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