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PyvoFest returns to Bradford Ukrainian Club

Today we received the following press release from our friends at Bradford's Ukrainian Club. In the true spirit of friendship and sharing, we would like to present information about the club's forthcoming beer festival.


Following a two-year Covid enforced break the Ukrainian Beer Festival – PyvoFest – returns to Bradford Ukrainian Club for what is its 10th birthday.

Sadly, Ukraine has been a constant feature in the news and in our thoughts this year as the barbaric invasion of our homeland continues.

As millions of Ukrainians prepare to face an uncertain and challenging winter the festival will raise funds to support humanitarian causes in Ukraine, and to continue the support the work the Ukrainian community in Bradford has done to support locally arriving Ukrainian refugees.

PyvoFest aims to be a celebration of Ukraine, its culture, its traditions, its food, and of course its beer.

The festival will feature a record number of Ukrainian beers as well as an array of beers brewed in the UK in support of Ukraine. Despite the extreme conditions and challenges they have faced, Ukrainian breweries continue to produce beer, while working to support the war effort and provide humanitarian support In order to highlight the work many breweries have done, PyvoFest this year will include a Brew for Ukraine Q&A on Thursday 10th November.

This will bring together key figures in the Brew for Ukraine2 initiative, Ukrainian beer bloggers, local breweries and renown Ukrainian chef Olia Hercules.

Brew for Ukraine Q&A

Olia will be discussing the collaboration she has brewed with Leeds brewery Northern Monk – As One3 and attendees will be served a taster of the beer. The Brew for Ukraine Q&A will also see the first ever UK draught pouring of Pravdas Putin Huilo4 beer.

Over 250 Ukrainians have temporarily made Bradford their home, with over 1500 in the wider West Yorkshire area. The festival logo has this year been designed by a Ukrainian lady who has arrived in Bradford. The logo depicts a soldiers helmet protecting a beer tankard which represents Ukrainian soldiers protecting Ukrainian civilians, democracy and indeed its very existence. The sunflowers appearing from behind the glass represent the everlasting Ukrainian spirit, which no matter the challenges faced continues to exist and, in the future, prosper again.

The two main festival nights will be supported by a host of entertainment with live music provided by local bands, Ukrainian acts and in a marked difference to any other beer festival, two Ukrainian dance troupes will bring the colour, athleticism and amazing choreography of Ukrainian dance as cabaret acts.

Additional information

  • PyvoFest – Pyvo - Пиво is a transliteration of the Ukrainian word for beer. The festival was launched in 2012, and ran every year until the Covid disruption
  • Brew for Ukraine – a world wide beer movement in support of the war affected independent nation of Ukraine.
  • As One – Northern Monk brought together a small team to celebrate Ukraine's culinary culture and raise funds to support those impacted by the war. They worked with celebrated London based Ukrainian chef Olia Hercules to bring together a plum and buckwheat Baltic porter. The can is adorned with beautiful artwork by Nastya Malkina and profits from the beer are donated to Action Against Hunger to support their work in Ukraine.
  • Pravda is a Ukrainian craft brewery based in the western city of Lviv. At the start of the war the brewery ceased brewing beer, shifting resources to the making of Molotov cocktails in order to protect Ukraine and its cities from invading forces. The Putin Huilo beer which translates a Putin is a D******d is a strong Ukrainian Golden Ale, which was originally brewed when Putin began his war with Ukraine -
  • Tickets to the festival and the Brew for Ukraine Q&A are available via Please note our Saturday session is now sold out

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