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The effervescent sounds of the Whyte Horses


Exuberance took hold, feet wouldn’t keep still and I had to shout and scream.

Was this what it was like? In the 60s? I don’t know and I don’t care- I was in super heaven. 

They were a bunch of aces- too many to be allowed in a poker house but more than enough to keep us blistering with excitement that we had seen something super special. 

Whyte Horses were part of the Boaty Weekender. Developed by the maverick magician of meticulous melodies,Stuart Murdock from Belle and Sebastian, and he lined up a corker. 

We were on a big boat. Gigs all of the day. Then aftershow and Deck 7. 

Deck 7 was the last bastion of the stragglers: Funsters, freaksters, bands and fans united.

Since now we have a brewery we decided to make a beer that celebrates one year of post-Boaty bliss. The Whyte Horses were up for it- they are merry funsters - and we decided to make a pancake beer that reminded us of those salty tales on the high seas on Deck 7. 


Deck 7 a beautiful Boaty beer. Sample it for yourself by visiting the Carnival Tasting Room or buy online

Peace and love from Liverpool. Thank you Whyte Horses

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