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The Sun Outside our Brewery

We love making beer with and for people we admire. Especially if they happen to be a talented singer / songwriter like Alex Stephens, aka. Strawberry Guy.

If you don't know about Alex, or ‘Strawb’ as we’ve gotten to know him, he is a musician with an awesome new album forthcoming; 'Sun Outside My Window' (released 29th October on Melodic) and already has some excellent singles under his belt.

Alex is signed up to Melodic, a brilliant independent record label in Manchester, and through Melodic has risen to popularity very quickly. His single, Mrs Magic has received 50m listens on Spotify to date, a number which keeps on growing.

We know Alex as a popular figure around Liverpool and he came to us with the idea of making a beer to celebrate the launch of the new album. We were delighted to hear he liked our beers and when we received the approach, we jumped at the idea.

Our approach with collaborations is to design a beer together. We opted for a 5% hazy pale ale using hops that give notes and aromas of strawberries and soft fruits, hence why we chose Belma and El Dorado alongside our beloved Mosaic.

A half drunk glass of Strawberry Guy pale

When we talked about packaging the beer we were blown away to hear that the Claude Monet painting, ‘Meadow at Giverny’ had been licenced for his upcoming album art, and was available to use on the can artwork too. We couldn’t believe we’d have Monet's artwork on our cans! Alex came to take part in the brew day and then returned to help us can the beer and hang out with the team – his Spotify playlist choices were exceptional and kept the team bouncing throughout the day.

Strawberry Guy live dates

Strawberry Guy has an exciting touring schedule ahead, including UK performances at The Lexington in London and Night and Day Café in Manchester, which are warm-ups for performances at SxSW and a US tour in 2022. Our aim is to get his beer into some live music venues as well as into the hands of his fans.

The beer is available from our webstore now and from a selection of good local independent venues.

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