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Together Tomorrow Forever beer revealed

JPD approved – He of OSEES.

The dream:

This beer is born out of a mutual love of the hardest working band in the world and a friendship that has grown through a meeting at Northern Monk’s Hop and Dark City beer festivals.

A beer that was influenced and is a tribute to the wonderful OSEES, John Dwyer’s (JPD) relentless, ever evovling music machine. Carnival Ade and Lukasz (Fuerst Wiacek) and Paul (artist) set about their plan. We couldn’t guess what the next OCS/OH SEES/OSEES name was going to be so we made up our own. Earlier in the year, Lukasz paid a visit to Liverpool to help conceive the beer, while soaking up our city's own illustrious musical heritage.



The beer:

This Cascadian Dark Ale (nee Black IPA) is our collaboration with Lukasz from Fuerst Wiacek. It is a beautiful dark ale which merges the best of East and West coast of America styles, fully loaded with piney and super aromatic Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook hops.



The now:

How the hell has John Dwyer proved this? After all, he is a man who loves Mex lager. A couple of well timed exchanges and he said “SOUNDS GOOD TO ME”.

He is a collaborator who expands the boundaries of music ingredients. He was just up for it and mega supportive. We have even chosen a charity together that we will be donating proceeds from the beer to: all to be revealed in conjunction with the next OSEES release on the 11th of December.



The future:

Music and beer: what goes together better? “LIVE MUSIC AND BEER”.

Look out for more OSEES music and live shows in 2021 and beyond.

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