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Virtually together - collaborating from afar

What happens when you can't get together with your beery peers to brew a special collaboration beer during lockdown? You do it virtually and hope for the best!

This is what happened when we started talking to Andy at Three Hills Brewing based in Northampton and London. We got talking over lockdown and agreed to brew a pair of complementary beers in our favourite beer styles focused on popular desserts.

Three Hills logo

We started, as is traditional, by swapping each other’s beers and once they were all enjoyed, we set up a What's App group to design the beers.

We decided on a Double Cascadian Dark Ale (black IPA) brewed and blended with loads of toasted coconut, so it was reminiscent of Bounty with some additions of Sabro and Citra to give it a boost of coconut cream, lime and hints of juicy tropical fruits – Mokokoko was born.

Mokokoko Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale with Coconut

Three Hills took their well-known, thick imperial stout recipe and combined it with loads hazelnut and banana to recreate a decadent and fragrant Cannoli stout – all hail Conololo.

Canololo Imperial Stout with Hazelnut and Banana

As a team we really enjoyed virtually collaborating with Three Hills, a brewery we admire staffed by some really cool cats, and are very happy with how both beers turned out. Maybe our next collaboration will be done in person in our respective breweries? 

We have a limited number of kegs of both beers which will be poured in our respective tap rooms.

Ade and Dom will also be making the trip down to Bermondsey on 2 July, to pour these and other Carnival beers at Three Hills’ new Outpost brewery and tap room, so if you’re in that neck of the woods, come and say hi.

This pair of wonderful beers are released today and should be drunk and enjoyed together. Sláinte! 

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